Policies, Procedures & Guidelines


Please review prior to visiting:

  • Please review all our guidelines on this page to ensure a happy and safe visit.
  • Prior to play, a waiver must be filled out and signed by all adults. Waivers are available when visiting Awesome Blossom. 
  • All children must be 5 years or younger for public open play. (Exceptions can be made for private events, sibling policy or special needs.)
  • Supervision is required at all times. Awesome Blossom staff is not responsible for supervising or disciplining any children.
  • Everyone (adults and tots) must wear socks on our padded play floor. No bare feet or shoes. 
  • Children will not be permitted into the play yard with soiled or wet clothes (poop, pee or any other liquids).
  • Please carefully review our wellness policy below prior to your visit.

Wellness Policy

If you or little one isn’t feeling well we ask that you wait until everyone is in tip top shape before coming to play. our goal is to keep all visitors of Awesome Blossom happy and HEALTHY. If you visit while you or your child is ill, you may be asked to come back when everyone is feeling better to help prevent the spread of illness. Thank you for your cooperation in this very important policy.

Why are both adults and tots required to wear socks at Awesome Blossom?

There’s a few reasons which include both hygiene and safety. 

Socks help prevent the spread of yuckiness like fungi and bacteria from shoes or bare feet. We like to be extra cautious especially since some of our guests are crawlers and others like to “taste” the mats, floor, toys, ect.

Wearing socks can also help prevent accidents and absorb some impact if something hits or falls on tiny toes. 

Lastly, socks help prevent some wear on our soft play mats and pads. We want to ensure our equipment stays in tip top shape and lasts for many more of your visits!

(If you forget your socks, don’t fret! We got cha covered! You can purchase a colorful pair at the front desk for just two bucks.)

Older Sibling Policy

What an exciting time! When siblings play with their younger brothers and sisters it is a fantastic way to build family memories together! We have just a few items we need your attention to:

Sibling Policy:
- We value family time and understand if you want to bring older siblings for play time with their younger siblings.
- All equipment within Awesome Blossom is designed and built safe for children under 5 years old. Older siblings may be too big for some equipment so please use your own good judgment. 
- We ask that all children are respectful to our young guests and our equipment.
- Our goal is to ensure the younger children’s play time is not interrupted, unsafe or distracted in any way.
- All older siblings aged 7 years old and under will be charged admission prices if entering play area.
- All older siblings aged 8 years old and over are considered “helpers” and will not be charged.
- If there is any rough play or behavior that is impacting other guests positive play time we reserve the right to ask older siblings to sit out in the lobby area.
- This revised age policy is valid for siblings only and can be revoked at any time. 
- We appreciate your help in continuing to foster the best possible play space for our AWESOME babies and toddlers. 

Lost & Found Policy

We understand that accidents happen and sometimes things are left behind. We will hold your items for 30 days. Please pick them up within that time frame to prevent them from being discarded. Thank you!